With this growing and disastrous pandemic, we all got cooped up in our houses to remain safe. With no place to go, even the studies and jobs began from our own comfort space, our homes!

As we all know, in March 2020 as the novel Coronavirus became a global pandemic, all educational institutions had to shut their doors to keep safe which forced the students and the teachers to this universal shift to distance learning.
The facts and figures show us something like this: (Learned through surveys)

This seemed like a temporary, emergency solution to continue with things without a stop and taking advantage of the technology, though it proved disruptive for students, teachers, parents, and all the people involved at first. But now it has become a new normal, looking at the worsening situations.
What is more feasible than sitting in your own homes, in comfort, and studying without getting ready, and traveling to the School, University, College, or Tutions? With less to worry about, it’s easy to focus only on education.
One can manage his study pattern according to his schedule, with easy and flexible timetables. Distance Learning has become a lot easier. You can study from the Universities and Colleges of any country around the globe, staying in your home country itself!
Many students have been shifting their courses from on-campus to online studying, for a long time which is continued and every student nowadays is habitual to it.

There are some points that one should keep in mind regarding Online Learning and Teaching as well:

Do you know you can get hold of many other things rather than just studying, by this method? It saves a lot of time and energy. Which you can devote towards your family, if you want to do a job, or fulfill other commitments. Adjust your homework and other assignments as per your schedule, do not rush to complete or submit. There is no need to put a hold on working towards your career, carry it forward without any barriers. Get the best of both worlds!
So? What do you think, it’s easy this way or the traditional way? Cause for very obvious reasons, it’s not easy to leave something you’ve been doing for years and jump onto something different and new, but what if that different and new brings in a lot more opportunities and growth your way?

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